Новый год 2020 Квартал-Концерт у КВЦ "Парковий"

Ukrainian Beyonce Olya Polyakova, the main show of the country “Kvartal 95”, beautiful music, secret stars, adult and children's holiday programs, treats and drinks worthy of the Cannes festival, the atmosphere of magic in the middle of the capital - book your MAIN EVENING OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL right now! Tickets are on sale now!

Благотворительное мероприятие "Сказочная страна"

Charity event for 600 children with disabilities, orphans and children from poor families "Fairy Tale Country". 14 interactive areas for games, workshops and competitions.

Ежегодный Благотворительный Вечер и Тихий Аукцион Украинского Католического Университета в КВЦ Парковый

An annual Charity Evening and Quiet Auction  will be held on December 14 in Kiev at CEC Parkovy. It is devoted to support academic programs, student scholarships and the development of a new academic campus at Ukrainian Catholic University

Второй Всеукраинский Фестиваль Слаймеров в Киеве

The Second All-Ukrainian Festival of Slimers in Kiev! We are waiting for you from 2019-12-14 at 11:00 at the Exhibition Center Parkovy, Kiev. At the festival we will set a record for manufacturing the largest slime in Ukraine. Also, there will be workshops on slime making, battle of slimers, as well as raffles and interesting contests.

3-х дневный «Воркшоп Рокфеллера» от GoldCoach

Three days of active work to see the repeated mistakes and patterns of thinking that keep your business from growing like a cocoon, and replace them with precise actions and the right settings that give 10x results

Итоговый Kyiv Global Summit 2019 "POWER, TOGETHER" Prospects for peace in Ukraine, women's involvement in UN appeals, presentation of the charity project "From Woman to Woman" and the annual campaign "A Gift for a Christmas Tree to the  children from "Gray" zone".
Церемония награждении победителей конкурса  «Интерьер года - 2019"

The Ukrainian annual architectural competition “Interior of the Year” 2019 and the award ceremony at the best venue in Kiev, in the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center. In program: press conference with jury members, workshops, concert and award ceremony.

Retail Development Business Summit

The VII Retail & Development Business Summit 2019 will be held on December 5 from 09:30 to 21:00 in Kiev at CEC Parkovy. RDBSummit organizer is the Ukrainian Retail Association.

Всеукраинский форум "Stop Violence - Стоп насилию!"

All-Ukrainian forum "Stop Violence – Stop Violence!" will start in Kiev on December 5. The event is dedicated to the world action "16 Days Against Violence" and will be held at the CEC Parkovy.

 Конференция UAFIN.TECH 2019 у КВЦ Парковый

Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies announce the biggest fintech conference UAFIN.TECH'2019 in CEC Parkovy. UAFIN.TECH 2019 is a platform for discussing the main trends of the fintech industry, productive networking and the opportunity for companies to present their products.

PRO100AGRO конференция Киев Парковый

Pro100 AGRO is an annual conference held by Kernel compaany as part of the Open Agribusiness Partner Program. It is designed to share practices, trends and the most effective tools to promote small and medium-sized agribusiness in Ukraine.

Национальная ресторанная премия СОЛЬ 2019 в КВЦ Парковый

The National Salt Restaurant Award is the main professional event of the Ukrainian restaurant industry. The award was founded in 2013 by Hoteliero to celebrate the country's finest restaurants and to develop the hospitality industry as a whole. It brings together Ukrainian restaurateurs, structures the market, and informs guests about the quality of the restaurants and cafes.