Вишиванка DAY

20 May 2021
Вишиванка DAY

Vyshyvanka DAY: «Ukraine24» TV channel and “Today” News arrange grand celebration!

On May 20th “Ukraine 24” Channel and “Today” News organize national celebration – a traditional show of embroidered costume- “Vyshyvanka Day”, which will take place in Kyiv at the new location of CEC “Parkovy” Viewpoint by Parkovy. Famous celebrities, stars of show-business and TV presenters will participate in the event this year.

The audience may watch the live broadcast on “Ukraine 24” Channel  and on the big screen in Mariinsky Park.

«We remember our history and look confidently to the future. We wear national costume not only on holidays, but in everyday life, as it is one of the proofs of Ukrainian nation`s identity, our guardian, symbol of faith and unification. This day of Vyshyvank makes all of us closer, unites us and helps to cherish memories about our ancestors. And if you still do not have such a tradition in your family, you can start it this very day”,- Yuriy Sugak, the chief editor of NGU,  says.

In 2019 “Ukraine 24” Channel   established the beautiful tradition – to celebrate “Vyshyvanka Day” with a show of embroidered costume.During last year`s quarantine the team of NGU and “Ukraine 24” TV channel created the online festive art-project with famous designers and celebrities. 

This year`s celebration will unite online and offline display of embroidered costume. The event`s goal is to remind about beauty, timeliness and variety of national Ukrainian costume. 

The national show of embroidered clothes wil lstart at10 a.m. at the best open-air venue of CEC Parkovy - Viewpoint by Parkovy. There stars of show-business and famous Ukrainians will walk the red carpet in their own and designer`s embroidered costumes.

The event will be closed for visitors because of quarantine`s restrictions, but the audience can watch live-air broadcast on “Ukraine 24” TV channel and YouTube. Keeping a social distance, everyone can take a picture in embroidered costume in photo-zone at the viewing point of Mariinsky park. You can also join the celebration online, posting your pictures in social-media, using the special mask “Vyshyvanka Day”, or sharing the pics from photo-zone.

On May 20th, 2021 put on your national costume and become a part of “Vyshyvanka Day” – the fest, which renews the connections between generations!


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