Tina Karol. Solo Show KRASIVO

16 July 2021
Тіна Кароль. Сольний концерт «Красиво»

Tina Karol

 Solo Show KRASIVO

The new recital of Tina Karol is full of electronic music`s fresh wave of her new album “Krasivo”, which appeared to be absolute record breaker in top-charts on streaming platforms.

Famous “Scandal”, provocative “Good boy”, nostalgic “Krasivo” – these new songs immediately resonated with millions of fans` hearts.

“Krasivo” is a really fascinating show with live band, spectacular staging, unique architectural concept, graphics and magnetic voice of pop diva.

Using soft pop-tunes, mixed with 80s` aesthetics, Tina Karol addresses to disco-dance era.

You will listen to new songs and famous hits in new version. 

Rich electronic sound together with recognizable vocal of singer will create amazing evening and give you unforgettable impressions!

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