ОЛЕКСАНДР ПОНОМАРЬОВ у супроводі Cимфонічного оркестру

15 August 2021
ОЛЕКСАНДР ПОНОМАРЬОВ у супроводі Cимфонічного оркестру

Olexander Ponomaryov accompanied by Symphony orchestra!

On 5 August, the main romantic of our country Olexander Ponomaryov will present his new concert program on the picturesque View Point of CEC “Parkovy”, in the very heart of Kyiv!

This spectacular event will leave no one indifferent – neither old admirers, nor new fans.

His songwriting talent, unique sound tone, elegance and sophisticated manners are pure magic. 

Olexander is a real Creator, who constantly surprises with his creativity and opens something discreet and deep in human`s souls.

Dozens of his songs stand the main test – test of the time. People love and sing them almost quarter-century.

Accompanied by symphony orchestra and the best rock-musicians, Olexander Ponomaryov will face the audience with a new program “Neimovirna”! It will be magnificent show, the magic of music, voice, light and sound together.

All this will give you something special, addressed to you personally: memories and dreams, already felt and yet unknown, experienced and not discovered.

Show, where there is a slight distance from tears on your eyes to the smile on your lips.

Show, which will leave no one indifferent.

15 August, View Point by Parkovy 

Amazing Olexander Ponomaryov!



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