18 August 2021


Mgzavrebi  is the most famous Georgian band, loved by Ukrainians, as we cannot help but  fall in love with their music. If some day you visit their concert alone, next time you’ll come back with friends and family. Mgzavrebi themselves  are like close friends, well-known since your childhood , from the time, when they were singing together in chorus of group leader’s mother Gigi Dedalamazishvili. Their songs are modern, but have their roots in age-old traditions. That’s why they are so warm and understandable to everyone. And each show of the band is becoming a feast, which the musicians easily create here and now in any concert hall.

Mgzavrebi sing mostly Georgian, but some of their songs are in Russian. But primarily their music requires emotional perception, when the knowledge of language is not essential. That is the reason why everyone undoubtedly understands the main thing laid in their songs. That is the crucial phenomenon of  Mgzavrebi – their  skill and mastery to seduce the public and strongly hug all their friends and fans, whose number grows every day.

The vocalist of band  Gigi Dedalamazishvili says about future concerts: «Because of pandemic situation and closed borders, we lost the whole year of keeping our good tradition to give big open-air summer concerts. They were always something special. We missed such fantastic moments so much! This time we prepared big program, where there will be a lot of energetic songs, and, what is more important, we will meet again! We’ll be together with our audience, blue sky and, hope, nice weather! You are welcome!»

Besides, this year Mgzavrebi has 15-year anniversary. And our summer jubilee tour is dedicated to this date!

Organizers: Ib и Mgzavrebi


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