International Hospitality Awards

19 June 2021
International Hospitality Awards

The main event of the hospitality industry - International Hospitality Awards will take place on June 19, 2021. 

This year, the geography of the Award has expanded significantly, and nominees from 35 European countries compete for the title of the best hotels.

The purpose of the Award is not only to determine the best hotels but also to develop the quality of services in the hotel sector, as well as the industry in general. The award increases the recognition of local hotels and resorts, as well as stimulates the growth of the competitiveness of hotels both in the local markets and internationally.

The main values of the International Hospitality Awards are its independence and impeccable reputation. The objectivity of the nominees' assessment is guaranteed by the official auditor of the Awards.

In 2011, Hoteliero organized the Ukrainian Hospitality Awards in order to improve the local hospitality industry, to identify and award the best hotels in Ukraine. For 10 years we have grown, transformed, and proudly bear the title of an International hotel award!

We are preparing a grand 10th anniversary awards ceremony, during which the best hotels according to the International Hospitality Awards® will be announced!

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