The 14th Ukrainian Marketing Forum “Marketing Survivors: How to Become a Star in New Conditions”

27 May 2021
14 Украинский маркетинг-форум  «Marketing Survivors: как стать звездой в новых условиях»

What will the world be like after the pandemic? What will happen to markets, brands and consumers? We do not yet know the answers to most of these important questions. In 2020 the world was hit by a crisis, and some experts even called it a global catastrophe, and the greatest challenge for those who survived this catastrophe is to survive in the long run

●      What makes business able to survive in the long run?

●      What values, tools and business models can be of help?

We are going to talk about it on May 27-28 at the 14th Ukrainian Marketing Forum, the key topic of which is “Marketing Survivors: How to Become a Star in New Conditions”.

This year’s event is held in a hybrid format (offline and online), so you are free to choose the mode of participation that best suits your goals and wishes.


You will see the cases of companies from retail, banking, FMCG and B2B markets, HoReCa, E-commerceand various services that took a great leap forward under challenging circumstances and achieved success due to their unique product, technology and marketing:


●      Dmitriy Borisov, Founder of “Dmitriy Borisov Family Restaurants” 

●      Ilia Kenigshtein, Founder and CEO of Creative States co-working network 

●      Evgeniy Dykhne, President of Ukraine International Airlines

●      Nikolay Skavronskiy, Commercial Director of Synevo lab network

They didn't just survive, they made a breakthrough while others made a simple decision to surrender.

Get to know personal stories and lessons on overcoming the crisis from entrepreneurs and system managers of large-scale companies!


●      Aleksandr Kokhanovskiy, Founder of Natus Vincere (NaVi), professional e-sports team

According to Forbes, Aleksandr is one of the top-5 most influential people in in the e-sports industry of the CIS countries. He’s also one of the founders of the largest ESforce holding in the post-Soviet space – NaVi. Last year he purchased the Dnepr Hotel and now is planning to create the first e-sports hotel in the world.

●      Aleksey Yukhymchuk and Stanislav Dmitrik, Co-founders of ‘Rocket’ food delivery service

Thanks to the creation of a national delivery service, Aleksey and Stanislav were recognized People of 2020 by ‘Novoye Vremya’ magazine. According to Sensor Tower analytics company, Rocket is on the top-10 most downloaded apps in Europe in the Food&Beverage category. As of today the service is available in 28 cities of Ukraine and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, in the near future the company is planning to launch such delivery in ten European countries.

●      Ivan Altsybeyev, Co-founder & CPO of the Ukrainian startup ‘Reface’

Along with his team he’s developing Reface, a unique technology for replacing faces in a photo or video. Since its launch, the application has received:

  • the 1st place in the American App Store, overtaking TikTok and Instagram;

  • up to 100,000,000 downloads,

  • tweets from Elon Musk and collaboration with A-list celebrities, and above all, this was done in less than a year.

Now Ivan is responsible for product strategy, company culture and Reface global brand.


●      Olga Polishchuk, Marketing Manager at Bacardi & Martini

●      Valeria Tolochina, Chief Marketing Officer MEGOGO

●      Sergey Kostya, Marketing Director of Bolt in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe

●      Boris Tkachev, Strategy and Research Director at ‘Novye produkty’ Company

●      Dmitriy Zinchenko, Head of Digital (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia & Moldova) Philip Morris International

●      Olga Vasilyeva, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Ukraine

●      Vlad Polonskiy, Founder of Rockets Growth R & D


●      Evgeniy Klopotenko, Brand Chef, Founder of ‘Confiture’ Gastronomic Craft Workshop

●      Andrey Shatyrko, YouTube expert, Founder of SHATYRKO AGENCY

●      Aleksandr Fesenko, Leading PR Manager, Kyivstar

●      Sergey Lesko, Co-founder of Senate Agency 

●      Daria Bulatnikov, Head of Influencer Marketing at Provid Agency 

●      Vlad Bolsun, Creative Director at Mozgi Ideas


●      Andrey Fedoriv, ​​Founder of Fedoriv Group

●      Roman Bondar, Deputy General Director on Transformation of the State Concern ‘Ukroboronprom’

●      Igor Gut, Managing Partner of the Swedish DYB Project | Develop Your Business

●      Igor Sukhomlin, Restaurateur, Founder of RestoPraktiki Educational Platform


●      Evgeniya Bliznyuk, CEO & Founder Gradus Research

●      Tina Polek, Business Anthropologist at Die Kulturtrager 

●      Natalia Bukhalova, General Director of UMG

●      Ekaterina Ilchenko, Managing Partner of Neuro-knowledge

More than 60 speakers will take part in the event. Besides the content-intensive component, you will also enjoy traditional event atmosphere which encourages creativity and the exchange of ideas, as well as the conceptual Survivors party.

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We will be happy to see you and your team on May 27-28 at the 14th Ukrainian Marketing Forum. Draw your own conclusions and find your own insights into resilience.

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