"The First Theater of Entrepreneurship and Comedy" Comedy Space presents: Woman Above Us

4 June 2023
«Первый Театр Антрепризы и Комедии» Comedy Space представляет: Женщина над нами

Tickets: https://karabas.sale/zhinka-nad-nami

You are waiting for an incredible theatrical production with unbridled Italian passion, a clearly recognizable taste of intrigue, a touch of tricks and such a pleasant aftertaste of sincere laughter - of course, it is worth enjoying!

The unpredictable plot revolves around the charming journalist Paola (L. Rebrik). The famous politician Leone (L. Zadneprovskyi) falls in love with her at first sight. Love darkens his mind so much that, despite his respectable age, he falls into a very interesting adventure invented by his new friend - the playwright Piero (K. Kostyshyn).

And what's next? It's worth seeing!

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