"The First Theater of Entrepreneurship and Comedy" Comedy Space presents: Playing a fool

15 July 2023
«Первый Театр Антрепризы и Комедии» Comedy Space представляет: Играем в дурака

Tickets: https://karabas.sale/grayemo-v-durnya

"Playing a fool" is a legendary piercing comedy in which the viewer will be fascinated by the twists and turns of events and the kaleidoscope of unpredictable situations. Many funny scenes, witty dialogues, subtle hints - and all this in the brilliant performance of unsurpassed actors: Serhiy Kalantay, Dmytro Lalenkov, Oleksandr Ignatusha and Valery Astakhov.

Once a week, influential people organize a dinner, where each guest invites...

STUPID, and he certainly has no idea for what merits he was here and now.

The guest whose fool is convincing wins. Everything is simple.

It's Pierre's turn, who has just met a fantastic fool, touching and funny - François Pignon.

Could our hero imagine that in a few hours the same person who could make him a winner will completely destroy his life?! Of course not! And here begins the most interesting! Funny scenes, unpredictable turns of events, witty dialogues and subtle hints...

All these are distinctive features of Francis Weber, whom the audience knows as the screenwriter of the films "The Toy", "The Tall Blond Man in the Black Shoe" and is invariably associated with Pierre Richard.

It's your turn to have fun and watch the plot based on the legendary comedy "Playing a Fool" with the participation of talented actors: Sergey Kalantay, Dmytro Lalenkov, Oleksandr Ignatushyn and Valery Astakhov.

It will be very funny and unusual!


Tickets: https://karabas.sale/grayemo-v-durnya

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