"The First Theater of Entrepreneurship and Comedy" Comedy Space presents: A pleasant surprise

24 June 2023
«Первый Театр Антрепризы и Комедии» Comedy Space представляет: Приятная неожиданность

Tickets: https://karabas.sale/priyemna-nespodivanka

(performance duration 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission)


Mr. Green is People's Artist of Ukraine Oleksiy Vertynskyi

Rus - Artem Yemtsov

When two Jews meet, even if there is an age gap of half a century between them, humor, wisdom and unexpected plot twists cannot be avoided.

A promising young man accidentally knocks down an elderly lonely Jew on the road. According to the court verdict, he will be forced to take care of his husband, periodically visiting him. But not everything is so simple - the old man turns out to be a rather conflicted and strange recluse. Will have to use superpowers to fulfill the court order! But who would have thought that two complete strangers could become really close in a short time and save each other from the fatal cruelty of life.

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