"The First Theater of Entrepreneurship and Comedy" Comedy Space presents: Boeing-Boeing

8 July 2023
«Первый Театр Антрепризы и Комедии» Comedy Space представляет: Боинг – Боинг

Tickets: https://karabas.sale/boying-boying

An intriguing plot revolves around the life of a young Parisian, like turning an affair overnight with three girls, working stewardesses. One of the girls is American, another is German, and the third is French. Sob not to spend in a chalepa, wine to support your life and lay out the benefits of three people who fly on different airlines. Prote the main hero does not need to control the situation, because of the blame for the incomprehensibility of the wines, he constantly gets into a funny situation.

Boeing-Boing is a legend of the French theatrical culture of the other half of the 20th century. The performance was included in the Guinness Book of Records as it is often a French p'esa herself, which is celebrated by the world. Vaughn was placed in 60 countries of the world.

Tickets: https://karabas.sale/boying-boying

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