19 August 2021

HammAli & Navai with a great concert in Kyiv again! Don`t miss an open-air show!

Very soon, the long-awaited concert of one of the most famous duets of decade - HammAli & Navai. 

Great show will take place on the roof of CEC “Parkovy”, where there is an amazing view of the evening Kyiv! 

It will happen only on 19, August and will never repeat again!

I addition to well-known hits “Ptichka”, “Pustite menya na tantspol”, “Devochka voina” , the new album will be introduced. Ukrainian fans will first listen to the live hits.

New singles of the band have the top ratings of our charts for the last months. And the boom is growing!

Thousands of people are intrigued by the new program of artists. This time «HammAli & Navai» prepared something special for their beloved fans. 

Cool dance tracks with house, deep and piercing soul rap lyrics` elements and really explosive atmosphere - all that you and everybody needs!

Let`s meet at 12- meter high above the ground in CEC “Parkovy” on  19 August 2021, at  7 p.m.!

Official tickets: concert.ua

Organizer: NOTA Production

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