Famous franchises of hotels and restaurants, thematic lectures and leading experts on FRANCHITHINK 2018

30 November 2018
Знамениті франшизи готелів та ресторанів, тематичні лекції та провідні експерти на FRANCHITHINK 2018
On November 30, the International Forum of Restaurant and Hotel Franchising FRANCHITHINK 2018 has traditionally been held at the "Parkovy" Convention & Exhibition and  Center. The second event has become much bigger - successful hotel chains have also been added to restaurant franchises this year.
FRANCHITHINK 2018 brought together over 1,500 guests at one venue, including representatives of leading restaurant and hotel franchises, investors, experts and opinion leaders.
 “We are very pleased to take part in this event, as we have the opportunity to present our franchise, meet and talk with potential investors and partners” - Iryna Sedletskaya, General Director of the Premier Hotels and Resorts hotel chain, Ukraine.
“I flew to Kiev for the first time and am very happy to be here today. This is perhaps the largest franchise forum of all that I have ever visited. I got a lot of pleasure from performing on the main stage in front of such a large hall and especially happy to be able to present my network to The Avocado Show, because I consider Ukraine to be a very promising market for the development of restaurant chains ”- Ron Simpson, owner of The Avocado Show.
Alexander Musatov, an expert in restaurant consulting, co-owner of True Burger Bar and Hendrick's Bar restaurants, Taras and Oksana Seredyuk, owners of MAFIA, CASTA, BAO, NĂM, Georgia, Brilliant Bar, co-owner of Salateira, also spoke at the Main Stage. Vadim Bortnik, owner and founder of the Freshline network and Andrey Dligach, CEO of the Advanter Group.
The speakers shared their success stories, the secrets of the effectiveness of working business models, and the tools they implemented to actively develop their franchises.
According to the tradition, Vadim Bortnik, the owner and founder of the Freshline network and Irina Avrutskaya, the founder of Like4Like Foodservice Consulting, have already led the main scenes.
In the BUY hall, representatives of franchises presented concepts and histories of their networks: Premier Hotels & Resort, Reikartz Hotel Group, Ribas Hotels Group, Friday Hostel, The Avocado Show, Simina Bakery, Salateira, Freshline, Pizza Celentano, Varenichna Baluvana Galya, COFFEELAT, Lviv Croissants, Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers, KIMS, Merry Berry, Donuts Club, GARAGE food & coffee, Vertuta.
In addition to participants in the restaurant and hotel franchise market, the forum brought together entrepreneurs who are eyeing the purchase of franchises, as well as owners of the existing restaurant business interested in developing the brand of their establishments. For them, at CREATE and THINK educational sites, invited experts told about business scaling and brand development in terms of franchise, entering international markets, attracting investments, marketing strategies, recruiting, quality and service control. Here, Olga Ivanko, Miroslava Kozachuk, Andrey Dema, Nikita Chakov, Sergey Poznyak, Roman Kirilovich, Vladimir Grinevich, Andrey Mokryakov, Yanina Babutskaya, Anton Voronyuk, Eaterina Balanovskaya, Alena Miro, Victoria Antonenko, Maxim Butenko and Ruslan Petrenko shared their experiences with the guests , Semyon Velentiy, Andrey Krivonos, Olga Nesterenko.
The main mission of the FRANCHITHINK forum is to create conditions for the communication of practitioners' entrepreneurs, to give franchises the opportunity to show themselves, to meet and communicate with potential investors, to become an indicator of the development of restaurant and hotel franchising.

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