Samsung Galaxy Note9 презентували в Україні

22 August 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note9 презентували в Україні
Maximum productivity for those who aspire more.

"Samsung Electronics Ukraine" presented a new ultra-powerful flagship Galaxy Note9 in Ukraine in the convention and exhibition center "Parkovy". The improved smartphone was the continuation of the legendary series, which completely changed the idea of ​​mobile devices in the last few years. The model combines a durable battery, doubles memory capacity compared to its predecessor, a powerful and fast processor and an updated S Pen Pen Pen with Bluetooth Low-Energy support for remote management. Thanks to this, Galaxy Note9 expands the capabilities of smartphones and allows you to achieve more - both in work and in other areas of life. Presenters of the event were the well-known TV host Anatoly Anatolich and the product marketing manager for Samsung Electronics Ukraine Evgeny Kim.

Eugene Kim spoke at the presentation about the key features of the novelty and on the example of real life situations and demonstrated some of them in practice.
Among the features of the innovations can be identified the following main:
  • Productive work throughout the day.
  • Even more memory for storing files.
  • Lightning speed.
  • Updated features with Samsung DeX.
  • "Smart" camera for perfect shots.
  • Design.
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