Official statement

18 July 2018
Офіційна заява
Official statement.

I, Alexey Strulev, at the moment I am Deputy Director of the CEC «Parkovy», and this fact was the reason for the information attack, discrediting not only my name, but also the structure where I work.

I want to officially inform you that I did not disclose any statements regarding raider seizures of the CEC «Parkovy», did not give any comments to any of the publications that disseminate false information.

I emphasize: CEC «Parkovy» carries out its activities in the legal field, all disputed property issues, asset management are resolved, according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

Since fake pages on social networks are created on my behalf and used as a «primary source» for the planned discrediting of the President of Ukraine, the authorities, the CEC «Parkovy», calls for riots are placed, I reserve the right to file a lawsuit against the media that disseminate false information.

Oleksiy Strulev, Deputy Director of the «Parkovy» Convention & Exhibition Center.

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