CEC "Parkovy" was transferred to the management of the Communist Party "Center for the organization of traffic"

26 October 2018
КВЦ "Парковий" передано в управління КП "Центр організації дорожнього руху"
Today, on October 26, 18, after the signing of the act of acceptance-transfer by the National Agency for the Detection, Investigation and Asset Management of Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA) of the Convention and Exhibition Center "Parkovy" in the administration of the Communist Party "Center for the Organization of Road Traffic" the founder of which is the Kyiv city state administration, representatives of ARMA, KCSA, KP, the General Prosecutor's Office held a working meeting with the heads of companies that operate at the locations of the CEC "Parkovy".
Heads of companies, in particular Amadeus Co. Ltd., Akamant Ltd, Deca NK Ltd (CHI restaurant), IGLESIA BLANK LLC, Park-Avent Ltd, YenDe's Law Firm LLC, FOP Zubarev, Ante Media Ltd (Date-Centr), LLC "Pro Mix", National Commodity and Raw Materials Company Ltd, Buking Pro Ltd., Orion Catering Ltd. were informed about the need to redefine lease deals with KP "Center for the organization of traffic".
The main purpose of the transfer of the convention-exhibition center to the management of the KP is to preserve the property and its effective use.
The First Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Mykola Povoroznyk at a press conference held in the premises of the "Parkovy" convention and exhibition center emphasized: "The city is not going to cancel planned activities at the CEC "Parkovy", however, we will try to change the negative image of this object. We will hold all-city events here, to make this object open to the community, that is, there will be both economic and social components in management".
Kateryna Lyakhova, a representative of the company "Akamant", which concluded contracts for holding events at CEC "Parkovy", said: "We are convinced that the constructive position of the Center for the Organization of Road Traffic "will allow to fulfill all formal procedures as soon as possible, and this process in no way will affect the holding of events at the CEC "Parkovy", that are planned.
Recall: On October 11, 2018, a meeting of the ARMA tender committee took place, at which it was decided to transfer to the management of the communal enterprise "Center for the organization of traffic" of the convention and exhibition center "Parkovy".

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