День Йоги на вертолітному майданчику КВЦ «Парковий»

21 June 2018
День Йоги на вертолітному майданчику КВЦ «Парковий»
Celebrate the Day of Yoga over the majestic Dnipro can be all those willing, beginners and experienced yoga, regardless of the level of preparation. In order to get on the helipad of the Parkovy Exhibition Center this day, it's enough to register on the FB page (www.facebook.com/events/) at the link (https://goo.gl) Participation in the event is free.

During the event, yoga practices, meditation, theoretical knowledge, treatment, communication, photo competition are envisaged.

Participating in the Yoga Yard at Parkovy Exhibition Center invited star practitioners with experience and yoga beginners, namely: showman, director, TV producer Ilya Noyabryov; rock musician, leader of the group "Vopli Vidoplyasova" Oleg Skrypka, Artist of Ukraine Olga Sumska, Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Borysyuk and others.

According to Oleksiy Strulev, Executive Director of the Parkovsky Exhibition Center, "social projects initiated and supported by the Parkovy project team are the creation of an atmosphere in which the like-minded people can communicate. The Congress and Exhibition Center has unique opportunities, and we strive to use them for the benefit of society. We are open to cooperation, because Parkovsky Exhibition Center can become the center of popularization of innovative, technological, cultural and artistic, charitable projects being implemented in Ukraine. "

The practice of yoga "Surya Namaskar" at Parkovy Exhibition Center was supported by: water partner "Ecosoft", company "Eurolab", restaurant "Imber".

Press Accreditation:
Irina Slobodyan
Head of the press service of the Exhibition Center "Parkovy"
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