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"Parkovy" Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern complex, which specializes in providing rental space for different events. “Parkovy” provides such spaces as conference rooms, exhibition halls, conventions halls, forums, round tables and presentations.

For our guests we offer the following areas for events' organization and holding:

  • The congress and the concert hall area of 1500 square meters for up to 1,100 people.
  • Convertible exhibition area of 3500 square meters.
  • Small meeting halls, conference and meeting rooms from 50 to 300 square meters.
  • A terrace with a beautiful view, perfect for the summer time events.
  • Heliport, designed for two landing sites that allows holding open-air events.
  • Underground and outdoor parking

The ultra-modern technical base in synergy with the functional content of "Parkovy" CEC allows realizing almost any kind of event-project from international forums, exhibitions and conferences to car presentations, symphonic and rock concerts, boxing tournaments and fashion-shows.

All event-areas of the complex are equipped with premium items: Georgeti and Poliform conference furniture, Villeroy and Boch sanitary, Siemens climate control and Wi-Fi network based on Cisco equipment.

During the period of the activity of "Parkovy" Convention and Exhibition Center it was chosen by such companies as Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Syngenta, Basf for their conferences. There were shows in the framework of Ukrainian Fashion Week and Mercedes Fashion Days; BMW, RANGE ROVER, Porsche and Volvo presented their new cars there; on the helipad were the concerts of Steve Aoki and Ivan Dorn held. Moreover, "Parkovy" hosted the meetings of the UN representatives and the charity event by UNICEF.


The building of "Parkovy" complex includes a number of unique infrastructure items: a lounge bar, a restaurant, an office space, a data center, a heliport and Convention and Exhibition Center itself.

Cava Lounge Bar - the 1st floor of CEC "Parkovy" .

Cava Lounge Bar is the main Lounge of the Convention and Exhibition Center, a new attractive restaurant, where the true judges of comfort, spaciousness and cosiness can relax. Each guest of the «Parkovyj» business/conference center will feel himself or herself the most welcome!

CHI Restaurant - the 3rd floor of CEC "Parkovy".

"CHI" is both the restaurant, which is open 7 days a week, and, at the same time, a "party place" with a large summer terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the Dnipro and the left bank of Kiev. The cuisine of “CHI” is based on the traditions of Southeast Asia, India, China and is adapted to European tastes. We have invited the chefs from different regions of the country to cooperate with us. Junyi Yang, whose track record includes the work at the famous Hakkasan (London) leads the kitchen and Karolis Urbonavicius, a mixologist from London, will treat you with cocktails.

"Parkovy" Data Center - 0 floor of CEC "Parkovy".

"Parkovy" is a modern powerful and reliable commercial data center in Ukraine. The range of services offered to clients, is extremely broad and today encompasses more than a dozen key positions. But this is not the limit, because the list of services will continue to expand. In addition, there is the possibility of the implementation of specialized services focused on solving the unique challenges of the most demanding customers.

Heliport "Dnepr 1" is located on the roof of the CEC"Parkovy".

Heliport "Dnepr 1" is designed for 2 landing sites for heavy helicopters. At the heliport the most modern light-signal, radar, meteorological equipment is installed that allows receiving aircraft around the clock and in all weather conditions. Moreover, heliport itself can host various events, such as conferences, concerts, exhibitions and presentations


«Парковый» – официальная локация Eurovision
В КВЦ «Парковый» пройдёт церемония открытия конкурса и в период с 1 по 14 мая расположится Euroclub, где будут проводится закрытые вечеринки для членов делегаций стран-участниц, генеральные репетиции и выступление конкурсантов.
Root Linux Conference
18 марта в КВЦ «Парковый» прошла масштабная конференция Root Linux Conference, организатором которой выступила компания GlobalLogic Ukraine.
Root Linux Conference – первая конференция по Linux, Embedded и open-source-разработке, на которой встретилось большое количество международных и украинских экспертов высокого уровня.
Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

4 модных дня. Культовое событие для Украины в КВЦ «Парковом». Fashion show, лекции, бутиковая зона и конечно приятные встречи. Талантливые дизайнеры, именитые fashion скауты и тысячи гостей: журналисты, блоггеры, звезды и ценители моды.


Проект, который по-новому «смотрит» на здания в те минуты, когда в них царит покой. Мероприятия еще не начались, а офисы еще ждут своих завсегдатаев.

Возможно в таком формате вам будет легче выбрать зал для своего мероприятия, а возможно фантазия подскажет, как оформить уже выбранный...

Больше фото «Паркового» из данного проекта вы сможете найти в Инстаграме по хештегу #empty_kvc_parkovy



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